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Remember to join SAP and Guy Kawasaki for this week’s Data to Outcome event.  It is open to all.  There is a dedicated track for Data Warehouse.

This was a great SAP webcast last week.

Source: SAP


Does DWC has any data lineage capability?

Yes - data lineage is included

What features of Data Intelligence are embedded in DWC?

We're leveraging the DI Connectivity UNION Python Write to target table. Additional to be added

Is DWC supposed to replace BW4HANA?

No. DWC is not there to replace BW4/HANA System. DWC is complementing BW4HANA and also provides you the ability to target different users by introducing capabilities, such as SPACES and also introducing the business user focused modeling capabilities.

I have BW/4HANA. Why should I use DWC?

DWC is complementing your BW4HANA deployment and allows you to also target additional users by introducing topics such as SPACES as well as business user focused modeling capabilities.

How is DWC different to BW/4HANA and BW?

Long history on BW side, more than 20 years

BW is still an application, written in ABAP, in ABAP language

DWC differs (not ABAP)

Differs on use cases - BW is enterprise data warehouse, target IT users

DWC - target IT and business users, for self service data models

DWC runs in public cloud; BW is on premise/private cloud offering from SAP


What connections and which data sources does DWC support?

DWC has 2 types of connections - acquire or connect live to data

Connections to SAP systems such as BW, ERP, S/4HANA, and large set of connections to non-SAP


Is it possible to write back from SAP DWC to HDB on prem?

Possible, can push data back into on-premise


How does pre-built content work in DWC?

Similar to content in other systems, delivered by SAP or partners and deploy content

Similar to business content in BW system


What features of Data Intelligence are embedded in DWC?

Full connectivity from DI

Adding data flow, reuse connectivity to cloud environments, data lakes, processing data, union data

Map fields

Write back to target table


How do we handle data replication from ECC/S/4HANA via extractors?

You can connect to ECC to well-known extractors, and start replicating to DWC tables and build your data model on top of it

2 option - access data virtually or replicate data, both are possible


What is the basic difference between HANA Cloud and Data Warehouse Cloud?

DWC is based on HANA Cloud

HANA Cloud provides platform for DWC

DWC provides editors related more to users to a guided approach to the application, to solve the business problems

DWC - not for the technical users; if doing a join, proposes a join

DWC tries to hide complexity to solve business problems


Is there any dedicated network connectivity that DWC offers for high bandwidth consuming data loads?

No dedicated from DWC; running on the hyperscalers

No dedicated network needed


What differentiates DWC from competitors such as Snowflake?  Why should I go for DWC?

Positioning of DWC; use connectivity from on prem to cloud, data storage, integrate in a flexible way

Native storage extension, use memory, HANA relational data lake component

DWC - end to end solution with nice connectivity, integrate from different sources, start in a federate way

Way to visualize, as SAC is part of DWC

Solve business problem, then optimize data access


BW handles time dependent data very well; how does DWC handle it?

If time dependency in data, can model in DWC

What don't have today, everything pre-set up with time dependency built in

Creating content, creating with artifacts with time dependency built in


How does S/4HANA on premise work as a data source to DWC?  Is there business content available for S/4HANA?

Can connect to S/4HANA, use well known extractors from S/4HANA and build model on top, access virtually or extract

Can use ABAP CDS views

Once ABAP CDS views are flagged as an extractors, and start extract and build model on top

Plan to provide business content, have a roll out plan


Are there any resources about pushing data from DWC to HANA systems on premise?

Once connect to pre-configured systems, have ability to set up smart data access, and push down activities such as running joins in source systems; delegating to source system


Will DWC be part of a big data family like Hadoop? Like Data Hub?

DWC - mean integrating Hadoop?

DWC is a data warehouse, built in cloud and use Hadoop as a source

Have SAP data lake tightly integrated with SAP HANA Cloud

It is not an orchestration tool, it is a data warehouse built in the cloud, based on memory

Can integrate with Data Intelligence


What are the change management and tracking tools offered?  How well does this integrate with CTS+ or agile CI/CD processes?

In terms of agile CI/CD - can connect Web IDE to same tenant, open environment with Git integration to IDE - starting point, complete CI/CD integration

Working on DWC editor integration

For CTS - transport management - have integration on Web IDE

For DWC - have content network today

Is there a link to roll out the plan for DWC business content?  That is a top benefit of BW.

Road map is available, contains plans for business content


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