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This blog is related to how to achieve Retrofit automation using Focused Build standalone extension in ChaRM without full Focused build configuration

Focused Build(FB)  and Focused Insight(FI) are free starting from enterprise customer license. ST-OST component has all FB & FI codes. if your system does not have ST-OST component, then  below configurations are not possible.


  • Minimum ST-OST ST05 install with ST version

  • Complete ChaRM configuration with related mandatory configuration steps. ChaRM needs to work properly with standard retrofit


  1. 2781528 Focused Build: Change document ID missing in target transport description created via /SALM/RETRO_AUTOMATION program in batch mode

  2. 2728035 Focused Build: Transport Check Improvements in the Retrofit Automation Program

  3. 2744352 Focused Build: Report /SALM/START_RETRO_OVERVIEW does not support multiple Retrofit systems for the same task list

  4. 2727448 Unnecessary CSOL locks for master roles

  5. SAP Note 2867769 into the managed project development system (Retrofit system) to enable the automatic Retrofit target ToC release after Retrofit has been successfully executed.

  6. Please implement above notes and  /SALM/RETRO_AUTOMATION program related notes in SAP Solution Manager

  7. Enable CSOL on both N & N+1 Development system . if not retrofit overwrite the objects in N+1 Dev like project work objects,..

Configuration steps:

  1. Go to SPRO -> SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide ->SAP Solution Manager ->Capabilities (Optional)_>Change Control Management->Retrofit->Define Retrofit Parameters and set NO_CSOL parameter is active

  2. Start transaction SPRO and navigate to SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide -> SAP Solution Manager ->Focused Build ->Retrofit ->Activate Retrofit Automation Scenarios

    • We have three option AUTO_TOC -> Use Transport of copies as Retrofit Target

    •  AUTO_CD - It Create new CD and set in "In Development" status

    • AUTO_TR - It create new TR in N+1 and copy the change after successful ToC import

Please select the parameter as per your requirement. Also choose individual parameter and test  behavior. So it will more clarity.




Parameter ID Description Use Case
AUTO_BW BW Objects Handling For BW TR automation
AUTO_CD Use Change Document as Retrofit target Auto Change document creation and set to “In Development” status for ZMMJ or ZMHF







Full Retrofit Automation Scope (all auto-import objects)



The Full Scope scenario enables you to extend the scope of the Retrofit Automation program by including mixed transports. Mixed transports are transports which contain not only auto-import objects but objects of other Retrofit categories as well. If the full scope option is active, the Retrofit Automation program will process autoimport objects from mixed transports as well as transports which contain auto-import objects only




Stop at failed Retrofit (Auto-Import)


The Stop at Failed Retrofit scenario enables you to change the processing behavior of the Retrofit Automation program. If the option is active, the Retrofit Automation program will cancel the processing of further transports if auto-import for a transport was not successful.
AUTO_TOC Use Transport of Copies as Retrofit target It creates ToC in target change cycle
AUTO_TR Use Original Transport as Retrofit target It creates Target Tr in the target change cycle
DISP_CD Display change document Navigate from the retrofit tool into the change document
SALM_AUTO_WITH_TOC Perform manually triggered Retrofit Automation Trigger retrofit automation for a single transport from the retrofit list



Perform Analysis for BW Transport

BW scenario is activated, you can use this function to compare transformations between the development and retrofit system



Display Conflicts

For a transport request in the retrofit list with yellow and red objects, show all objects with conflicts in the retrofit system and the corresponding transport requests
SALM_SNOTE Call snote implementation Navigate from the retrofit tool into transaction SNOTE of the retrofit system. Retrofit SAP note Assistant Integration introduced in 7.2 SP12
SALM_TARGET_TR Create Retrofit Target Transport Create a target transport (original transport) for a single transport from the retrofit list.



Settings for AUTO_TR:

Activate the following BAdI implementations.

  • Using the IMG path of SAP Solution Manager, navigate to SAP Solution Manager ->Focused Build ->Retrofit ->Business Add-Ins->Activate After Retrofit BAdI implementation.

  • After Retrofit BAdI implementation (/SALM/AFTER_RETROFIT). This BAdI implementation must be active only if you want to use the "Release Target Transport" option . Means AUTO_TR will help to release target TRs from N+1 Dev and wait in consolidated route system like N+1 QAS. Then every 15 mins import jobs automatically import to quality.

If you don’t want to go automatically to QAS. Developer want to check changes in Dev and move to quality using ChaRM. Please use AUTO_CD option.


On AUTO_TR parameter, it automatically creates TR in target change cycle during report execution. Also, you manually create using SALM_TARGET_TR-Create Retrofit Target Transport option in the Retrofit wizard.

Target Transport have the description “Retrofit Target Transport for “Source retrofit TR number” “

Many of you now you will question how retrofit automation know which target cycle they need to create CD or TR as per parameter.


  • Navigate to SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide->SAP Solution Manager->Focused Build -> Retrofit -> Specify Retrofit Target Task List for Retrofit Automation -> create new entries and add Source task list , system, client, Target task list, client, client in the mapping field.

  • Target TR auto release is optional. Select the filed as per the requirement.


Additional Settings for AUTO_CD:

    • If you chose AUTO_CD in configuration steps.

    • Release Target Transport is NOT relevant. Its won’t release TR automatically. Only ChaRM status will release TR in “Successfully Tested” in normal change and “To Be Tested” status in urgent change.

    • SPRO-> SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide ->SAP Solution Manager ->Focused Build->Retrofit ->Business Add-Ins -> Activate BAdI Implementation for Automatic Transport Assignment 

    • SPRO-> SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide->SAP Solution Manager->Focused Build->Retrofit ->Specify Mapping Rules for Target Change Document Creation Also enable if you want text, Partner function in the structure.  

Retrofit Automation E-Mail Settings:


      • Navigate to SAP Solution Manager Implementation Guide -> SAP Solution Manager ->Focused Build -> Retrofit ->Define Retrofit Automation E-Mail Settings

      • After report execution, Solution manager system send email to source developer on successful & failed status with TR details.


Now all configuration is completed and ready for batch job schedule for retrofit automation:

  • For testing go to Se38 -> /SALM/RETRO_AUTOMATION

  • Enter task list & click “Perform Retrofit “and test the automation.

  • For daily or custom hourly run, go to se38 ->/SALM/RETRO_AUTOMATION and create the variant and schedule in SM36.

  • Daily job will give detail log on retrofit executing which is success or failed.

After Report triggered, below steps are executed automatically

  • Release the ToC in the source system and add it to the import queue of the target system(please check /TMWFLOW/TOCASNT table for source ToC number)

  • Import the ToC into the target Dev system

  • After successful import, Include the object list of the ToC into the target transport of the same type as the source transport .

  • If AUTO_CD is choose , the report automatically create target CD, set to "In Development" status, create target transport,  Include the object list of the ToC into the target transport of the same type as the source transport .

  • Release the Target TR  ( This option wont work for AUTO_CD)

  • ChaRM Target change cycle QAS scheduled 15 mins periodic will import released TR in to all target system.

Enhancement Gap: This Latest enhancement not having table to check Source and target mapping TRs details up to 7.2 SP12 version .Retrofit table not having target TOC or Transport or CD details . Also due to various reason if target transport not got released it is very difficult to find. because in retrofit screen status set to"Retrofitted" and moved to processed transports list, but  TR still not moved to QAS by AUTO_TR option. These are few gaps are seeing in the current enhancement.

Overall this automation saved lot of effort and coordination on different team between N & N+1 landscape to synch the landscape.

Retrofit Admin console: se38 -> /SALM/RETROFIT_ADMIN_CONSOLE

Application log: check in SLG1 for program /SALM/RETRO_AUTOMATION, each TR will have application log. Also can able to check the log in " Retrofit Transport request selection screen". r if any issue please first check retrofit is working in CD level trigger or task list retrofit wizard screen.

All screen shot took from SP Solution manager 7.2 SP11.

Please refer your ST-OST SP level Focused Build configuration guide for more details.


SAP ChaRM Cross Landscape Distribution(XLD) Blog


Retrofit SAP Wiki: 7.2: How to work with Change Request Management Enhanced Retrofit

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