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Hallo All,

Hereby I would like to share the BPMN model I created to highlight how the Change Request Management functionality performs the import to a target system client from the required TMS Infrastructure, User, and Authorization Role perspective. The model is based on the information that can be found in the following knowledge article: "1908411 - Harmonizing RFC communication infrastructure: how it works". The text is clear enough, but I find it difficult to get the complete picture from the text. I hope this model is useful for you as well!


Please keep in mind the following:

  • Creating models in BPMN is not my core business, so please be gentle if the model is not completely semantically correct. Since SAP Solution Manager 7.2 will be using BPMN as a modelling language, it seemed like a good exercise to create the model.

Please let me know If the model is not an actual representation of how the import works. I did my best to capture the information as noted in the knowledge article.

Kind Regards,

Guido Jacobs


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