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Create a SAP Solution Manager Project to activate Change Request Management

Call transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN. Press the button Create Project.

Define a Project Name, select a project type (e.g. Maintenance) and Confirm.

Maintain a Title and choose a language.

Confirm the Pop-Up asking for the document enhancement.

Navigate to the tab System Landscape and select (use value help) the logical component defined before.

The logical component will be put into the project definition. Save your settings.

Navigate to the tab Change Management and activate the Change Management integration for this project. Confirm the pop-up window.

Before creating the project cycle and taks list run a check for the project definition. Press the button Check.

This Check covers different aspects. Initial configuration, correct transport management setup or assigned business partner. The result list shouldn´t contain any errors. In case of check for the error message and also the application log (button right next to the Check button).

When the project check was successful you create a project cycle and a task list. To do this just press the button Create Task List.

Define a name for the Task List and confirm.

After the successful creation this pop-up will show up.

You can now navigate to the Task List directly. The initial phase value will be Development without Release and the tasks for the project track will still be locked. You can unlock the tasks either by pressing on it with the right mouse button or use the task Lock/Release Transport Tracks incl. Role Types.

Example: Open tasks with task Lock/Release Transport Tracks incl. Role Types

Select the system types for which the tasks should be released and confirm.

After leaving the task list you get directly back to the SAP Solution Manager Project definition. There you can see the successful defined SAP Solution Manager Project which can now be used with Change Request Management.

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