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1                The Big Picture

  • We were implementing ChaRM in SolMan 7.0 for one of the Canadian customer with Global presence in more than 50 countries with total user base of more than 30K.
  • There were multiple projects which were going on and in future pipeline as well.
  • The requirement was to use ChaRM for any Program Change Request (PCR) which comes during UAT. All the PCR were supposed to be implemented and tested in Project landscape and then to be moved to Maintenance landscape.
  • The Challenge was that the ChaRM does not give any out of box feature to support more than 3 system landscape.
  • We proposed below solution and implemented it successfully.
  • This was finally used for many SAP Global rollouts projects.



2                Rollout/Project Transport Path


3                ChaRM Process flow for PCR (Project Change Request)

All green color was the processes which were to be performed in SolMan or triggered within SolMan.


4                Highlights of Approach and Solution used

  • A new transaction type for project landscape was created.
  • A new status profile for project landscape was created.
  • Different relevant status was defined in the status profile.
  • New action profile and actions were defined.
  • New conditions for each custom action were defined.
  • For this transaction type custom status action and subject profile was assigned.
  • Also new partner functions were defined which were not available in standard SolMan.
  • Transport path for 5 system landscape was defined in SolMan.


Smita Kumar

SAP Lead consultant

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