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Here in an example on how to improve the look of the mails sent by the system by sending an approval notification with an approval button and not a link.

The problem is that there is no way to add a button to an e-mail, although it is possible to add the relevant html tag to the mail, it's not supported. A way to get around the problem is to add a table and use the table cells to look like buttons by using a background color and placing the approval links in the table cells.

I order to do so; you need to replace the SWN_MESSAGE1 bsp application in transaction SWNCONFIG with your own:

For more details see also

  • First you create a table before the links loop in the extended notifications

<table width "100%" border = "0" cellpadding = "0" cellspacing = "0" 

            style = "color = #ffffff; background-color: 'background color of your choice' ">



  • Now create an inner table

       <table border = "0" cellpadding = "0" cellspacing = "20">

  • And continue with the regular loop,

            LOOP AT wa_details-links INTO wa_link WHERE category = 'N'.

  • In it however, place the links in the table cells. You can also add a border-top/bottom/left/right to make the buttons look bigger if you wish.


                   <a href  = "<%= wa_link-url %>"

                         style = "color=#ffffff

                                       background-color: 'background color of your choice;'


                                       display:inline-block ">  




  • After the end of the loop, close the tables.







The outcome should look something like this:

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