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The need arises for configuring the mobile App to increase user friendliness as some time with default setting there are redundant steps for users. With the default setting there are multiple passwords the users has enter every time he want to view the data which means a lot of inconveniences.

Current enterprise scenario typically user has to provide credential in the below screens.

  1. Device login in Home Screen while Opening and starting to use the device
  2. Going to the VPN and it might need a password to login to the corporate Network
  3. SAP Mobile BI application password ; which typically needed to secure offline stored content
  4. System Password to login to the individual BOBJ systems.

As in a typical corporate mobile usage scenario typically that a mobile device belongs to one person who has configured and got approval to use the device for business use only the last two points gets redundant once the person uses the device credential and starts the VPN into the corporate network.

The default Mobile BI does neither gives the options out of the box to disable the Mobile BI application although the offline data storage is disabled by default password and nor to save the system password once the user sets up the first time using his/her system credential.

Here are the steps to change the app setup with few simple steps.

Locate the file in the BOE istalled folder. The location is different based on the Version of BOBJ. Here are the location folders.

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile server version

File location of and

XI 3.1 SP3, SP4, SP5, SP6

<WebApp root>\webapps\MobileBIService\WEB-INF\

  1. 4.0, SP5 and below versions

<WebApp root>\webapps\MobileBIService\WEB-INF\

  1. 4.0, SP6

<WebApp root>\webapps\MobileBIService\WEB-INF\config\default

Here <WebApp root> is the root folder location specific to your deployed application server, for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Tomcat6

  Here is the file path from the server

Now after opening the file in the notepad here are the contents of the file. By default the                   savePassword and offlineStorage.appPwd will be false. Once the SavePassword is changed to true the mobile app will allow saving of password from the mobile application and offlineStorage.appPwd will enable the application password disable button to be available in the mobile app.

Once this file is changed and saved the next thing that needs to be done is to restart the Webserver in this case Tomcat. This can be done from the CCM in the application server.

Now this is the final step which may or may not be required. Uninstall the application from the device as the device might have cached the configuration and re install the Mobile BI app once again. Once this done the Remove application password option and save password option will be available from the Mobile BI application.

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