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SAP support wasn’t able to help us, so they suggested I try here. Here it goes…

We have roughly 550 reports scheduled on a Crystal 2011 server. We have an Active Directory account saved in both the Database Logon and Destinations > File System properties of most of the reports. The password will need to be changed quarterly in all the recurrences where the account is used. Needless to say, we don’t want to have to delete the recurrence for each report and then reschedule each time the password needs to be changed (which seems to be required whenever a password change is needed).

How does everyone else handle this situation? I know many will be able to set the password policy so that the password never expires, but there has to be some that don’t have that as an option. What do they do? Ideally, we'd like to change all the passwords for all the reports that use a specific Active Directory account a one time. I've looked at Schedule Manager, which comes close, but only allows you to change the database logon account information. I have yet to see a solution that would allow the changing of password used to write to network folders (File System password) .

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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