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I have a scenario like, I need to do conditional formatting for BAR Chart. I have two values like positive and negative in Data source.

I'm going to customize the Info chart CSS, we have below colors,

  1. Positive are in Green

  2. Negative are in Red

let us define a default color for BAR will be "Green" in the "Additional Properties"

For Negative Color:

I found in run time, we have CSS class for negative value, Please find the below,


Using the above class I just created the custom CSS class to change the negative values in Bars.

CSS code

.myBarRed g.v-m-main g.v-m-plot g.v-plot-main g.v-datapoint-group g.negative-datapoint rect {

    fill: red !important;


After makes the changes my charts look like this, So Customer can able to see TOP10 products with high and low values at a time.


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