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Hope everyone is doing well!

first of all, I should introduce myself,

Harshil Patel an SAP UI5 and Fiori Consultant having hands-on Experience of around 3 years, working with a very well known organization situated in Ahmedabad Gujarat.

so lets we all proceed to the learning part,

The title itself says all.

for this, you don't need any tool and no need of changing any code without this you can change your project UI version.

Recently I’ve faced this issue that I have to change the UI version of the app at RUN time, without any Tool and without disturbing any code so how I have got to this,

First of all, Run the app with no errors displayed in the console,

then you may have to open the UI Diagnostics of your app, By pressing the CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + S from your keyboard,

one popup will look like these,

SAP UI Diagnostics Page

after coming to these you have to click on the Debugging tab, you will now view the following Debugging TAB.


then you have to click on the drill-down as you can see in the above snapshot there you can see that you have four options to select, please select the last option named, Other(enter URL  to sap-ui-core.js below)…

after selection of that particular option, you might be seeing that one the input box and the Active Reboot Url Named Button on your Diagnostics screen,


in that input, you have to fill your desired version URL(Check your URL First on the web that is working or not) and then execute the Activate Reboot URL Button.

after execution of these minimize this Diagnostics tool then you will be seeing one popup displaying into your app screen like these, then press OK Button.



after execution of that popup please refresh your app once,(keep your diagnostic tool as it is don’t do anything with that) then you will view one more popup saying that you have changed the version and now your app will run on these version URL, please click on OK Button, as you can see on below image.



after executing this popup your app will run nicely now go to console and check your app version, whatever UI version URL you have passed in that input that UI version will be displayed here from console write sap.ui.version you will be viewing your app version details there.



so I hope every one of you has learned that how to change a particular UI version of the project from the browser itself, keep in mind that this is only for a temporary basis if you need to view something, if you refresh the page again then the project comes in its original UI version.

if you face any kind of issues executing these steps kindly comment it down here,

I am always ready to help!!

Thanks for reading, Have fun!

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