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Change Request Management (ChaRM)

What is Change Request Management?

1). SAP ChaRM is tool delivered with SAP Solution manager that manages activities performed during a change from design to testing to final promotion to production system. It allows you to track change requests, transport requests in change management system in the entire business solution.

2). SAP ChaRM uses a workflow based approval for Transport management, audit proof documentation of the functional changes in solution landscape.

3). with the help of ChaRM by using project we can extend the TMS functionality by ensuring all transports are moved together into QA, integration/regression tested as a whole, and imported into Production collectively.

4). Spreadsheets are no longer needed as the SAP Solution Manager Project will keep track of which transport requests are associated to which project and the order they need to be imported.

Process Steps:

ChaRM involve many agencies which are given below

  1. Requester – Person who think that the problem is because of configuration change or ABAP change. Requester will raise change request in Solution manager.
  2. Change Manager – It is advisory board which decide and Approves change Request.
  3. Developer – This person will make changes as per Change Request. These may functional consultant and Technical Consultant.
  4. Tester – Testing team (including functional consultant or Users)
  5. Administrator – SAP Basis consultant will create and move the changes.

Now search with change request which get with service desk.

Select the Approval Procedure as Change Request Approval Procedure.


Give the Project and save it.


Define the scope for the change and select the component and save it.

Requester will go to change request and set status for “validation" as shown below. Requester will go to action tab as shown below and select "Set Request for change to Validation".

  Save it.

  Now Requester completes his validation and now he is ready to send this request to for approval. He will go to Action tab at the top and select "Release for Approval"


And save it.

Select the ‘Approved’ in the activity tab and save it.


Now Requester sees the approved request


Now that approved request he will put in Development by changing status as shown below.


Save it.


We can see the status is showing as "Being Implemented".


When we save the Change request document with Status "Being Implemented", System will generate one change Document ID number as shown below


Now go to change document.


Change the status of this issue to "In Development” as shown below and save it.


Transport management tab will enable when you set ‘in development’ where you can create the transports.

Now transport management tab will enable when you put in in-development status, than create transport clicking on Transport Request tab.


Provide all inputs and click on create button.


Now you can see transport created below.

Importing transports from ChaRM:

Search with change document ID.

  Select CAB: pass normal change to test to generate TOC for original TR.


Click on save, when you save it will creates TOC of original TR.


Click task list to import TOC in quality system

Now you can import from task list by selecting the system and Schedule Import Job.

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