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Scenario –

Mr.Black has transported query previous night. Next day morning, he ran his query. Mishap…!!...he found that data is improper. Now he has planned to check sales order line item wise to make the job easier. But last night he forgot to put corresponding info object in the drill-down. What to do now? Placing that object in the development server then transporting it takes lots of time right and he has to test and deliver the object by EOD.. So how about editing the query in Quality server??

Here’s the simple procedure for that.

After transporting in Quality server. (Uneditable Query).

Step 1: Go to RSA1 --> Transport connection. (Note: This has to be done in your target system).

Step 2:

Do as per the above screenshot.

Then you will get a screen.

Step 3:

For query elements choose ELEM. And at the extreme end, we can able to see “Not changeable” status.

Step 4: Now right click on the “Not changeable”

Click on “Switch changeability”.

Step 5:

And the status is changed to Changeable original.

Step 6:

Log off and log in to your Designer.

In the above screenshot, it is evident that the query is now changeable and sales document is added to the query.

P.S: - It is not advisable to use above method in Production Server but even if it requires changing, proper authorization is required.

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