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When using workflow rules with rule type responsibilities, there is often the need for logging the assignments made via transaction oocu_resp.
The transaction itself and the workflow environment do not cover this. As workflow is using objects of organizational management, we can activate change documents on this level.

Use SM30 or SPRO to maintain entries in table T77CDOC_CUST. Enter the combination of plan version, object type, and infotype/subtype for which you want to activate the creation of change documents. You can enter * (wildcards), which allows you to include all subtypes that exist for an infotype, for example.
For the data you have entered, select the Active field for each row.

Note that if you activate the creation of change documents for all infotypes, system performance suffers as a consequence. Therefore, activate the creation of change documents specifically for the combination of plan version, object type, and infotype/subtype for which you require this function.

For more info have a look at the SAP Help:

This is the customizing done to cover change documents for assignments to responsibilities:

For this example we're using a rule with two responsibilities on which we maintain users and position via oocu_resp, done by user WF_MAINT.
This is how the rule initially looks like:

Step 1: Add user to responsibility 1

Step 2: Add user and position to responsibility 2

Step 3: Remove position from responsibility 2. Finally the rule looks like:

Display change documents

To display the change documents, we use program RHCDOC_DISPLAY without option display field contents:

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