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Since the raise of S/4 HANA, SAP has provided a lot of standard Fiori apps that cater the business needs. Lot of standard Fiori applications have been provided as an alternative to traditional SAP GUI T-codes. Let's take the following app 'F1754 - Display Treasury Position Flows' for an example wherein it performs the same functionality as of TPM13 transaction.








The end users who are familiar with the traditional approach of using GUI T-codes find it difficult to search for the appropriate Fiori application. Hence, there is a need for us to add subtitle or change the existing description of the Tile.


Changing the description or adding a Subtitle can be done via transaction '/UI2/FLPAM'. As a first step, we need to identify Technical catalog, Semantic Object and Action of the particular Fiori app. It can be viewed in Fiori apps library.


Since the above app is a standard, changing the description by modifying the tile via transaction '/UI2/FLPAM' is not advised. Hence, we will be copying the content from the standard technical catalog to a custom technical catalog. ( This is done to preserve the standard from getting modified ).

Open the transaction '/UI2/FLPAM' and enter the custom technical catalog name and hit Continue.


The desired app needs to be added to the custom technical catalog. To do so, click on the button 'Copy from Other Technical Catalog' and select the transport request. Post that search for the app using Semantic Object, Action and Technical Catalog. Then select the row and click on Copy.


Then we will be able to see that a new row is added with the desired app under the technical catalog. In Edit mode, select the row and go Tiles section in the bottom where you can change the Title or add Subtitle, Tile Information or Tile Keywords. After doing the changes, click on Save.


Now we need to assign this Tile to the Business Catalog. It can be done in the transaction '/UI2/FLPCM_CUST'. In the current scenario, I have added both the Tiles to the Business Catalog ( One tile which is coming from standard Technical catalog and another from custom technical catalog ) to show the differences.


Fiori launchpad has been opened and the description 'Treasury Position' has been searched. Now both the tiles will be visible. Our custom tile will be having the changed or added description.


If the end user searches for the app using Keywords TPM13 ( As the user is familiar with T-code in ECC), our custom tile will be visible which caters the requirement.


The above depicted scenario is the way that I've explored to rename the tile. Please feel free to add in the comments if there are any alternative approaches.






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