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Challenges faced in 3.x environment

  • Users rely on BW as a source for data downloads not as a BI tool spawning offline processes and inconsistencies in metrics.
  • Performance issues and troubleshooting takes up most of the team’s time resulting in real enhancements being few and far in between.
  • Small changes to a cube generally requires a major reload effort causing long downtimes.
  • Some users do not have faith in the accuracy of the data.
  • Formatted reports developed using 3rd party tools takes long time to run.
  • Frequent updates to data (sub day/ real time) needed. BW is a monster and is slow to respond.
  • Unable to produce a report on intersecting data between two infocubes.


Resolution in BI 7.X Environment

  • Excel integration/Cell based functionality helps create efficient and exact reports per user specifications drastically reducing need for offline processes.
  • BI Accelerator promises quantum leap in query performance and reduces maintenance effort.
  • Remodeling and repartioning help reduce downtime for critical data cubes.
  • Reconciliation data sources are a great resource for building audit applications which will improve user confidence in the BI system.
  • Improved report output capabilities include fixed format reporting and printing from the Web or output to PDF.
  • NW7.x now support real time data acquisition and reporting.
  • Enhanced infoset to integrate infoproviders to a JOIN condition.
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