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I wrote this blog for SAP Conversational AI Tutorial Challenge 2021. I'd like you to meet my business case, "Travel In The Pandemic Bot." When each country has its restrictions on traveling, it is essential to do good research before traveling. With this bot, you can learn very quickly instead of investigating the travel restrictions of the country you want to go to one by one.

What is our case?

Countries first closed their border crossings with the pandemic period and then gradually began to stretch these rules. However, they all have different entry requirements in their way. And when we want to travel to another country, it's up to us to do a detailed investigation of them. 

When we look at the overall process, we aim to do this process, which can take quite a long time, with the digital assistant in a much shorter and more straightforward way. Thanks to the fact that we can make a Telegram connection with SAP Conversational AI, we communicate from Telegram and provide this information flow that serves the same purpose.

Use Case: Travel Research Simulation

1) The user first notes the bot on Telegram which country they want to go to.

2) Telegram provides this information to SAP Conversational AI.

3) SAP Conversational AI investigates and finds information about the desired country and provides it to Telegram.

4) Telegram shows the user the text containing the necessary links and information.

Technical Architecture

First, we get the answer we will give to the user from the site we want by using SAP IRPA according to the country name we receive from the user.

After adjusting the appropriate entity and intent, answers to be given, and proper triggering in SAP Conversational AI, we determined and built their flow.

After we completed these procedures, we contacted Telegram because SAP Conversational AI allowed third-party integrations. In this way, the user became very easily connected to the bot from the Telegram account on his/her phone or web.

Step #1: Building Chatbot on SAP Conversational AI Platform

Intent Creation:

We wanted to show a single country as an example in this section. And here, for example, I used the spellings of my own country. You can think of such intents for each country.

Conversation Flow Build and Manage:

Here you can also see examples of multiple countries in the triggers section. You might think that all countries are written in this way.

Step #2: Connecting the Chatbot on SAP Conversational AI to SAP IRPA

We wanted to use SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation because it is a chatbot where we can easily display this information to the user from a website that offers current restrictions for each country.

The site's use takes place by clicking on the required country from the map, as shown below.

Step #3: Testing Chatbot on SAP Conversational AI Platform

Step #4: Telegram Integration

Due to the new terms of use of Whatsapp recently, we wanted to make its integration with Telegram, the app whose use has increased in some countries.

We created our bot called Tpcai as follows and ensured its integration with our chatbot.


You can create your bot for travel during the pandemic period and integrate it into Telegram or your platform.

We are very open to all your feedback for this use case, please share your ideas with us and comment.

We are delighted with your support or likes.
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