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I chose such a topic because I needed it recently and many useful web services of SAP are not widely used. From easy-to-use web services to intents, I have implemented basic CRUD functions. I will use the web page I prepared while explaining my article. If you want to use these wonderful web services, you can use applications such as "postman" or you can write the codes that will send requests yourself.


What you need to do and know before starting intent management with web services

  • Build a bot by using Sap Conversational AI

  • Get the developer token from the settings page (details in the article)

  • Prepare request links (details in text)

  • Create an interface where you can send requests or use a program ("postman" for free)

  • Take the request you want from wherever you want.


After explaining the details of the project, I will explain how I found a solution. I was preparing the frequently asked questions bot for one of our customers, but I could not predict all possible intents because I did not know the entire workflow of customer's client. For this reason, my customer asked me for an interface that he could access and edit the intents he wanted.


I could add Sap Conversational AI as a collaborator, but since Sap Conversational AI is not have a comprehensive role management, instead of opening the interface of Sap Conversational AI, I prepared a simple interface on the web. Sap Conversational AI is an interface that I can adjust all to my own needs with its magnificent web services. My customer has the interface as he wishes, so we are very happy that I can only access the parts of the project I want, thanks to Sap Conversational AI's web services.

You can find all the steps of this process below.

Following the steps


    1.    First of all I create a bot

I am passing this step in order not to extend my article too much. I am sure that most of you know this step. If you do not, you can easily learn and apply it via

As you can see below I created a bot which is named sap-blog.


    2.    I get developer token which is marked by brown circle (keep it for yourself)

      • The red mark show us what is the url_prefix.

      • The yellow mark for your user slug.

      • The green one is name of your bot (bot_slug).

      • The purple circles covers your version.(if you didn’t create versions for your bot your version slug is “v1”).

Finally we get all information for creating request links now that create them.

    3.    Preparing links

I get all request links from if you need more links you may check this link out.

      • GET URL_PREFIX/train/v2/users/$USER_SLUG/bots/$BOT_SLUG/versions/$VERSION_SLUG/dataset/intents/$INTENT_SLUG

      • POST URL_PREFIX/train/v2/users/$USER_SLUG/bots/$BOT_SLUG/versions/$VERSION_SLUG/dataset/intents

      • PUT URL_PREFIX/train/v2/users/$USER_SLUG/bots/$BOT_SLUG/versions/$VERSION_SLUG/dataset/intents/$INTENT_SLUG

      • DELETE URL_PREFIX/train/v2/users/$USER_SLUG/bots/$BOT_SLUG/versions/$VERSION_SLUG/dataset/intents/$INTENT_SLUG


     4.    Creating interface

I will only share the screenshot of the interface that I prepared in order not to deviate from the main purpose of the article. I will also share the postman screenshot with you.

     5.    Time to request

Decide which operation do you need just decide it choose correct link customize for you bot and send request.

As I said before I am going to use my interface which is created by me, for my customer. Also I am going to show how can you send request via postman which response should you get.

For this presentation I am going to create intent via my interface and I am going to get information of intent via postman.

create intent via your interface

As you can see my Greeting intent is created.

intent created


Let’s get that information without checking Sap Conversational AI interface.

getting information via postman

We learn that;

  • What do you need to manage your chatbot via web services (bot_slug, use_slug, developer token, an interface to send request, etc.)

  • Where can you find those links

  • How should you customize to your link based on your bot

  • Instead of reaching to sap conversational ai page you may able to manage your bot, you can manage without doing that



The conversation is easy to use and can be integrated easily, providing a need-oriented, fast web services. The technologies that we understand in the pandemic must be time and platform independent. Sap provides this to us.
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