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CDS (Core Data Services) views are semantically rich data models, providing highly efficient built-in functions like aggregations, annotations, and conceptual associations.

We can expose CDS views as a read-only ODATA service.

Where do we can find standard CDS views and its documentation is the questions that come to me.

We can find CDS views of documentation by using

Go to SAP API Business Hub by opening the URL

Once you click on CDS views you will see list of SAP modules like HR, Finance, and sales order…


Just select whichever module you want, In my case, I selected SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Finance. Now you will see a list of all CDS view from the selected module.

I selected the I_Bank CDS view. Then you will see all the Field names in that CDS view. And in another tab, you will have Technical details of the CDS view.

As shown in the above image ID, Category, Extensibility, status, package, and purpose of the CDS view.

By clicking learn more it will redirect to where you can find more details about the CDS view.


Now Lets test the output of the CDS view in Eclipse ADT(ctrl+shift+A is the short cut key)

Now run the CDS view(F8 is the short cut key)

Wow, we get the result.
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