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DevOps concept & making ABAP Test Cockpit ( ATC) more relevant for Development teams via automated unit tests!!!

Introduction & Needs

Above motivation lead us  to implement CDS View unit test practices using  Test Double Framework  within S/4 HANA  transformation program. The key challenge was to explore effective ways to implement this &  within Net weaver 7.52 by which we could fulfill the below needs

-  Need to check if  Unit test exists or not  for a CDS View created after a date which is different from the Baseline date of ATC

-  Need to Execute the unit test before CDS Views are released to QA/Integration system

-  Need to Execute only unit test relevant to the CDS views which are part of current transport release

- Need for  possibility to exempt for certain CDS Views for which unit test might not be required

We could be gaining more efficiency in Unit Testing in SAP world if we address these above needs. Similar feature exists for ABAP unit and currently CDS View Unit test classes are  yet to be supported  , these requirement's made us to explore a more pragmatic approach.

I elaborate the approach in detail below with pre-requisites & custom check's logic



Standard Pre-Requisites:

-  Enable ATC check to be executed during Transport release - Transport tool Integration

Additional Pre-requisites:

- Store all the Unit tests in a single development package


High level overview of the Process

Our approach with this  New Custom Check (  For knowing how to create custom check please refer Blog post on how to create new custom check) & Integrated with ATC  via Check variant is to

-  Identify the CDS View which is being released as part of ATC check run during TR or Task release

-  Qualify the CDS View if it should have CDS View unit or not based on the its creation date                 ( Creation date >= Configured date)

-  Identify the related CDS View unit test class stored in a single development package specific to the CDS View under test (CUT) which is being released

-  Execute the unit test for this CDS View as part of ATC check & return results of unit test

Finally,  Transport / Task released with Unit Tested & CDS View unit test results determine if the TR / Task release could happen or not!!!We are live with this solution and thanks to my team  who could make this happen.


As a conclusion , we believe have found pragmatic way to achieve this without any additional tooling required.

Idea of sharing our approach is to get to know feedback /suggestions from the wide SAP Developers & Practitioner community.
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