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My CCTS Implementation experience:

I implemented CCTS in a landscape with ERP, F&R, BW, PI, BO landscape. Here are a few learnings I made in my journey of CCTS implementation and usage:

  1. Make sure that the tp installed on all managed system is latest. SAP recommends specific minimum required tp version but since improvements are delivered by SAP in newer tp versions, latest tp is always preferred
  2. Since uneven logical components cannot be added in the same ccts enabled ChaRM project – it is a challenge to keep the projects minimum in a large landscape. Few tips for project creation
    1. Add landscapes with even logical components in one project (i.e. three system landscapes in one project, four system landscapes in another project)
    2. Any landscapes for which CCTS cannot be used should be kept in a different ChaRM project. It could be possible because you are not on the minimum required version for CCTS usage for that landscape
  3. Make sure the RFCs are setup correctly for all the Managed systems, especially the Trusted RFCs. The Trusted Connections in SMT1 should be properly maintained between SAP Solution manager and Managed systems
  4. For non-ABAP systems TP parameters, make sure that parameter NON_ABAP_WBO_CLIENT is added only for dev systems. There will be issues with Project creation if parameter is added for Test/Quality/Prod.

A few issues I encountered:

1- Issue : Error encountered while activating ChaRM Projects - Error getting configuration of systems

     Resolution – Implement SAP Notes 1650265, 1731806 on Managed systems

2- Issue : Error while creating TR for ERP in ChaRM with cCTS

     Resolution – Implement SAP Note 1794405 on managed system

3- Issue : Dump in Managed system while creating TR in ChaRM with cCTS

     Resolution – Implement SAP Note 1818804 and 1731806

4- Issue: Non-ABAP TRs cannot be found for assignment in Change Document

     Resolution – Implement SAP Note 2235737 in Solman

5- Issue : Error while closing Maintenance Cycle for ERP system

     Resolution – Implement SAP Note 1487329 on Managed system

6- Issue : Transport status for TRs shown incorrectly in Transport Management block

     Resolution – Implement SAP Note 2111903  on Solman system

7- Issue : Error while creating user using BP_USER_GEN

     Resolution – Implement SAP Notes 2109854 on Solman

Hope it helps!!

Thanks and Regards,


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