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We had implemented CCLM for all our production in solution manager 7.1 exactly a year before, all were worked fine. This was big contribution for our clean-up project.  But Very recently, one of the quality job in the system stopped to run with the strange error as below,

and its been also long time we are suffering for high load on BW data extraction, hence I would like to share how we fix these data collection problems with the recent changes.

Data Collection From Non Existing RFC

The above job log is indeed very strange, If you read carefully, the system is at first trying to pick the client 100. Actually we dont have client 100 at all.

Secondly it looks for Client 400, we do have client 400, but we have not completed the RFC connections for the client.

More over CCLM had very specific roles and authorizations; We need to update our system generated READ RFC or Trusted RFC users like SM_<SID> manually as per the note Note 1572183 - Authorizations for SAP Solution Manager RFC users.

During our initial setup we followed everything from scratch and successfully completed the setup for our production client 711. But system was not picking this client anymore.

Typical Use case

Actually this is our global production system, has more than 7 clients, and was designed for the users from various locations including language specific settings.

We dont have major scenarios like CHARM implemented. Hence we connect one or two clients to solution manager with all the required RFC's, rest of them left unconnected. Moreover we chosen only one client and updated the authorization for the read rfc users only for that client.

But CCLM was default designed in such a way; that no specific RFC name was given during the setup, we only provide either READ or TRUSTED. Means system automatically choose any of the Read or trusted rfc available.

This is not going to help in our case, more over as per our design strategy we neither set the CCLM authorization for all the read rfc users nor create rfc for all existing clients.

For BW data extraction also as per SAP, only the initial load would take time, but for our case even the subsequent incremental load also takes more load on system, If anyone open the my dashboard app, none of the others cant move single page in the system. It was completely hanged.

Client Specific Data collection

As soon as, I received error, connected couple of other SAP experts, they shared the SAP Note 1872660 - CCLM: Incorrect RFC used for data collection which has the guidance for us to fix this issue. As per the note we can override the SAP design logic of RFC selection by maintaining the manual RFC destination in the table view AGS_CC_CUSTOM.

Edit the table view in SM30, Just add additional identifier as RFC_<SID>_<Installation number> and the value as Specific RFC Destination name, where you changed the read rfc which has the valid authorization.

Schedule the quality job again for immediate change, or wait for the next released job to run.

Now our job is running fine with the client 711

Fixing High load BW Extractors

I am not sure, how many of them knows about the dual cube concept in solution manager, this is introduced improve performance and optimize the house keeping task. You can view this twin cube concept in BPMon Cubes.

Source : SAP

Other than that Once SAP said, they are completely working for redesign the CCLM BW cubes design, which work in such a way that instead of loading entire information from CCLM to BW, we could load very specific data to BW.

None of these new things are exactly available or implemented for CCLM Cubes as of now, might be we can expect this in future. Nevertheless, we tested to build the manual aggregates our self, this indeed fasten our reporting and most recently SAP release the note 1942552 - CCLM BW Extractors are failing due to high volume, this also makes some difference.

Implemented the note, along with aggregates for timely work around, but looking forward for BW cubes design change with eager in future SP 12 and above.

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