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Update: Since 23rd of October the new version of the cbs PI MeMo App is available in the Apple App Store. The new version is adjusted to the iOS 7 look’n’feel. We added a couple of new features such as a Communication Channel Monitor, HTTPS support and better error handling. The new features are describe here.

The cbs PI MeMo app for the iPhone is an easy-to-use tool to monitor messages of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration anytime and everywhere. The app is freely available in the Apple App Store.

Why using this App

With the cbs PI MeMo App we are providing an app to check the message flow on your Process Integration (PI) system. A  typical use case would be weekend support and you just want to check that everything runs fine without the hassle of logging on to your local desktop and then logging on to the PI system.

In order to achieve that the app allows message selection using time constraints or sender criteria as input parameter. You can then view the state and the payload of your erroneous messages as well as resend or cancel those messages.

The features of the current version include:

  • Display the message state on the Adapter Engine and Integration Engine
  • Support for PI Double and Single Stack
  • Filter criteria help searching for messages
  • Show message details and the payload of erroneous message
  • Resend or cancel messages

How to get it working

When you download cbs PI MeMo from the App Store it will start in “demo” mode. This allows playing with the app using provided sample data without a connection to a PI system. To connect the app with your PI system, please go to the Settings of your iPhone and tap the settings icon of cbs PI MeMo. Switch off the demo mode and follow the steps described below to configure your connection.

  1. Tap on protocol
  2. Type in the IP or hostname of the PI server
  3. Type in the port on which the PI server is listening
  4. Type in your SAP PI user name
  5. Type in the corresponding password
  6. Tap on engine to choose between Dual Stack and JAVA Only

When the settings are done please (re-)start the app. The first step is to choose a time interval and scroll through the results. In case you find some erroneous messages simple tap the message in interest for details and choose some follow-up actions if appropriate.

Technical Requirements

The app is tested to work with SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.3 and higher releases.

The app uses existing SAP Java web services on the Adapter Engine or AEX. For the Java web services the following additional UME roles are required: SAP_XI_API_DEVELOP_J2EE, SAP_XI_API_DISPLAY_J2EE

In order to monitor the Integration Engine it is necessary to create web services in ABAP that wrap the standard function modules. Please contact me for a short guide on how to expose the function modules as web services.

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