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Capturing input control values is an easy thing when you set the input control's dependency to the whole report or document.  Unfortunately in most cases you use the input control to filter only a part (a specific block) in a report.  In that case it is not possible to show the selected values via formulae.  You'll need to use this simple work-around.

--> Goal of this workaround, capturing the input control value in the header

  1. create table like Category & Labeled price, this is our main table where we set our element linking to our detailed table (element linking generates an input control)

  2. Because we wish to show all possible values of category in our main table, we cannot set the dependencies to the whole report, only to the detail-table

  3. Create new variable: Input

  4. =If Count([Category])= 1 Then ("Category: "+ ( If Count([Category])= 1 Then [Category] Else  "All categories")) Else "All categories"

  5. Create new table in the header, set header not to show and add the variable as data

  6. Go to the input control-> dependencies-> add the header table as well

  7. Now you are able to capture the input control value


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