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Dear all,

I was part of a CAP project which has grown over time and started causing issues during deployment. From time to time the deployment failed because of the following error:

Timeout occurs when trying to start DB service (Failed to make TCP connection to port 8080: connection refused

As this occurred more often I started investigating this problem which leaded me to this SAP Note:

This note exactly describes the problem we were facing and proposed to change the health check parameters in CloudFoundry to solve this. More information on this parameter in the CloudFoundry documentation:


This pretty much helped me but it was not exactly clear on how apply this on the project I was working on. The project is an MTA project so I needed to find a way to apply this config from the “mta.yaml” file.


In the SAP help documentation I was able to find the details of this parameter but also a second similar parameter “health-check-type”.


  • Health-check-timeout

  • health-check-type


I was able to solve it by increasing the “health-check-timeout” parameter to 120. By default this is 60, increasing this worked for this project.

I think it might be possible to set the parameter “health-check-type” to “none” but I did not  try this. On top of that, “none” I not listed in the SAPhelp documentation.


I hope it helps you as well!


Kr, Wouter
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