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End User Don’t have authorization for the SE80 and as well as portal.  In the mean time we create Custom T-Code and give it to the End User.

How to Create Tcode for Web Dynpro Application.

Step 1: First Create sample web Dynpro application.

I am using Example Webdynpro Application: DEMO_FLASH_FLIGHT it is standard one.

For to see this application go to SE80 (object Navigator) and select the WebDynProComp./Intf. And provide the name DEMO_FLASH_FLIGHT.

Normally we need to webdynpro application à select our application and click on Execute then it open like below.

STEP2: Run Tcode SE93 and give the name transaction of the ZBOOK_TICKET

Then click [create] it prompt a screen provide description and select the Transaction With Parameters(parameter Transaction).

Then continue and provide the following values

Highlighted below, we need to provide the following values with the screen fields and their respective values,



HTTPS              = SPACE

Save into local package and Execute it.

It will calls the application DEMO_FLASH_FLIGHT directly form the Tcode.

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