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As S/4HANA and Suite on HANA (SoH) gain wider and wider adoption in the market, it is essential that ABAP's learn how to harness the power of this platform so they can maximise their value to their companies (and enhance their CV's).

I come across some ABAP teams who are behind the curve in terms of the new ABAP programming concepts on which S/4HANA/SoH is built and believe they have to wait until it arrives before they start to learn. The good news is that many of the features are already available in an ABAP stack running on AnyDB - so you can start to learn them today.

In this series of blogs I am going to highlight 3 areas that I would recommend ABAPers get their teeth into.

1) Core Data Services (CDS)
2) SAP Gateway and OData
3) Web IDE - for those ABAPers that fancy learning JavaScript!

Core Data Services is the primary way of defining and creating database artifacts as you move towards a HANA Database (they can also be used directly within HANA so the skills are transferable).

However, the CDS paradigm is not just for HANA. You can already explore this on AnyDB scenarios

Note: some operations only work with HANA.

What it CDS (Core Data Services)?

In a nutshell it’s a data modelling / definition layer that sits between the programming language and the actual database.

Developing CDS in ABAP is done in Eclipse and generates objects in the ABAP Dictionary.

The CDS Graphical Editor can be used to see a graphical representation of the source code.


So what do I need, and how do I learn more about CDS?

What If I don't have access to this in my company?


Go for it!

Don’t wait for S/4HANA or SoH to arrive before you learn this new skill. Start today and stop creating technical debt.

My next blogs will cover OData / SAP Gateway for backend Fiori App Development and then one on consuming this in Web IDE.
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