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As many of you know from the Enhancment Pack1 we started using rapid application extensively,So that all the components are created automatically but with some modifications.

Here i would like to explain some explicit programming to be done ,when calling the Rapid application from other component for example you want to call a searchcomponent (created via rapid application ) from another component as POP UP.

Point 1 ( These steps are common  as you call the other components as POPUP).

  • Creating the POP Up instance.

gr_popup =  ( me->comp_controller->window_manager->create_popup(
= ‘Window name of your rapid ‘
= 'Usage name'
= ‘Enjoy’

  • Registering a close event

gr_popup->set_on_close_event( iv_view = me iv_event_name = ‘event Name').

  • Calling an open method of POP up instance.

gr_popup->open( 'Inbound plug of window of your rapid application' ).

Point 2 ( These are explicit modification you have do ).

  •     If you can see the html of the result view you can see that the global variable GV_OPTION_FRONTEND_SELECTION is set to ABAP_TRUE, it needs to be  set to ABAP_FALSE for the select even to be fired.

  •   Ideal place to make this is the DO_INIT_CONTEXT of the result view, redefine and make it false as below.

  • After this you can see that the select event is fired.
  • Ideally it would be meaning full if we have a selection mode.

  • Here in the select event you can get the selected row and close the pop up.

Point 3 : From here it is again the same ,go the event handler you have registerd in the first point,

-> Read the context node

-> Get Current.

-> You can use this values for your purpose.

Hope it is usefull!!!.

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