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With apologies to Clement Moore.

'Twas some months before ASUG and all through the states,

Volunteers were busy working through conference track slates.

The word had gone out, the timing was rough,

Would enough people submit?
Was 'enough' good enough?

The conference takes place in the warm month of May,

Co-located with Sapphire, run for three days,

A musical guest is pretty well guaranteed,

Customer and Partner Abstracts,

That's what we need!

A web site exists for your contemplation,

So think if you will, of your best presentation.

A fear of public speaking is great to win over,

And your bosses will thank you

A thousand times over.

Your registration is comped, your airfare not so,

But still you should desperately want to go.

This conference is where all the stories are told,

Of good stuff and bad stuff,

The new stuff and old.

In case you need further clarification,

ASUG sessions focus on our education,

Our customers, partners and SAP pals

Will share their best practices

With all you good guys and gals.

I hope you've enjoyed my little plea above.  As an ASUG volunteer, we spend the waning days of December and the following months scrambling to get presentations submitted, selected, and slated for the Annual Conference (May 5 - 7 in sunny Orlando, Florida).  This conference just happens to be co-located with SAPPHIRE as well. 

I know many people are celebrating holidays, or contemplating a few weeks of well-deserved vacation, but if you have ever thought about whether or not you should give a presentation at an ASUG event, let me answer for you?  Yes!  All of us have stories to tell, and I hope you will consider submitting an abstract for the Annual Conference today!

Link to Call for Presentations:

And more info about the conference:

Latest Event Updates for SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference

And to all a good night.

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