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Create calculated measures and dimensions in stories of Sap analytics cloud. One of the major advantages of creating these formulas in stories instead of model is that we can use it onetime for the particular story or if we forget to add any calculated fields in model as well.

Methods using an Example

For example creating a bar/column chart with a calculated field.


Select create calculation from measures

There in Calculation editor you can see different types of calculation methods which are

  • Calculated Measure

  • Restricted Measure

  • Difference From

  • Aggregation

  • Date Difference

  • Dimension to Measure

And on the right hand side you can see different types of available objects like input controls and formula functions like functions ,operators and conditions.

*Calculated Measures

Calculated Measures are used to apply any kind of mathematical formulas to our data. Here we are using different kinds of functions, operators and conditions.For Example we need to find out the Total duty Percentage.So Total duty value divided by Total accessable value formula used.

*Restricted Measures

Restricting a measure value to a particular dimension.

Here we restricted measure No of shipments  for 0 to 2 Days.

*Difference From

Create a measure that reflects  the calculated difference in value between two time periods like year over year, quarter over quarter  and  month over month.


The Aggregation calculation creates a measure with an aggregated values such as sum, count or another aggregation types. To produce an aggregate value, SAP Analytics Cloud create  mathematical functions on a measure that  return a single value. Different types of aggregation methods are given below.

Sum : Sum of the selected dimensions.

Count : Count of the selected dimension.

Count dimension : Count of dimension without measures are available.

Average : Average value of Measure values across particular dimensions.

Min : smallest value of selected dimensions.

Max : Largest value of selected dimensions.

These are the mainly used aggregation operations.

*Date Difference

It is used to findout the particular difference between two date fields.If the date field are null this function does not detect the particular datefield.


*Dimension to Measure

Dimension to Measure based calculations allow you to convert a string to a numeric value.

Calculated Dimension

From the Dimension of designer select create calculated Measure.

Mainly there are two types of calculed Dimesion methods Which are

*Calculated Dimension

Calculated Dimesions are used to do the calculations of dimensions using mathematical formulas.

*Measure based Dimension

Measure based Dimensions are used to group particular values based on  measures .

Here we grouped clearance time based on 0 to 2 days and Above 2 Days.


This Blog is based on my short term experience in SAP Analytics Cloud. Creating calculated fields in story has been shown here in this blog. Please correct me if there is any mistake.


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