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Hi everyone!

Quick post on how to overcome a frequent problem in C4C development.


The problem:

You can't login in the Cloud application studio due to this error:

You are sure you are not logged in with your user to this system anywhere else.


You are already logged on to the SDK on system X.

Multiple logons to the same system are not possible.



If you're working with SAP C4C in the Studio and it crashes, which it frequently does, the fact that you are logged in is still recorded on your computer. The next time you try to login, the Studio will refuse your login.


There is a quick way to solve this.

Edit the system entries in Studio.

In the dialog that pops up, create a new Entry with a different name for the same URL.

Save and try logging in with the new option in the System dropdown.

It will work. 🙂



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