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Some time we faced this issue, All the newly created object Like DSO, Info Object, Info Cube etc. are by default are going to $TMP package.

Even we have already a "Z" package in SAB BI.

So if we Perform a small setting in BI RSA1 T code then we can solve this problem.

Go to RSA1 and click on BI Content Tab.

Now in BI Content tab go to tool Menu, Click on Edit > Transport > Switch off Standard Setting.

Know more about Switch On and Off Standard Setting.

Switch On Standard - If we use this option then after all the development  and changes a pop will come at a time to save development in a new request. 

Switch off Standard - If we use this setting then all the objects will by default save on the $TMP Local package. Then we need to collect all objects in Transport Connection > Click on Object type Folder then Collect required object and Give "Z" then transport.

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