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To provide overview of SAP Standard utilities useful for BW Operations and Production support.

During regular operations often there are situation where following information is required:

1) Analysis of Background Job : What the job was doing, where did it spent what amount of time, what memory did it consumed etc

2) BW- Accelerator                  : How often BWA indexes were used, BWA overall summary, Which infocube lies on which blade to judge impact during issues

3) Query Usage Analysis          : How often the query was executed and by whom

4) BW- Process Chain Analysis: Basic need to monitor chain and observe several aspects like run time of steps in a chain etc

Often consultant has to spent lot of time to find the information and has to apply various tricks to find the relevant information.

However this document provides an overview of some standard utilities those support consultant to derive the information:

Analysis of Background Job:

Step 1: Execute Trnx: St13 and select the program: BACKGROUND_JOB_ANALYSIS and execute

Step 2: Enter the job name /user and time frame for which you would need information and execute:

Step 3:  Execution will provide the list of jobs running in the system based on the selections entered.

Step 4: Select the job you would like to analyze from the results and select the button "STAD" as displayed in following image:

Step 5: Execution of STAD button will display the statistical information of job like displayed in following image:

Step 6: In case further details are required double click on the result row, this will lead you to a transaction providing tabular view of detailed statistical data

BW Accelerator:

Step 1: Execute Trnx: St13 and select the program: BWATOOLS and execute

Step 2: Execution displays a Cockpit to perform various analysis on  BWA as displayed in following image:

Index Usage Analysis

Step 3: Select button "Index Usage Analysis" to analyze the frequency of the index used to judge the quality

Step 4: Provide the selections for which you need to perform analysis and execute as displayed in following image:

Step 5: Execution will provide the statistical information of the selected infocube or the cube based on the time frames

BWA Index Attributes: To get the details of indexes like, Size of Indexes, No. of Records in Indexes,Which blade host which index etc

Step 1: Select button "Index Properties" and select execute:

Step 2: Select the appropriate selection for which you need to perform analysis like displayed in following and execute:

Step 3: Execution provides the statistical information about the indexes to be used for further analysis as displayed in following image:

Step 4: Further details can be obtained by selecting the particular records.

Query Usage Analysis

Step 1: Execute Trnx: St13 and select the program: BW_QUERY_USAGE and execute

Step 2: Execution displays following image to enter the selections for analysis:

Step 3: Uncheck the option "All Queries" if you want to analyze for any specific query (Currently I will uncheck to analyze one particular query) and execute

Step 4: Execution will display an additional window asking to select the relevant query:

Step 5: Expand the relevant infoarea and select the query to analyze:

Step 6: Select query and select button "Open" located at the bottom of window:

Step 7: This will display the information who executed the query and how many times:

Same exercise can be performed for all queries, for a specific time frame or for any specific user in the system.

However this utility has limitation to not provide the information about the time stamp of its usage although you can use the time frame field in selection window to narrow down the findings.

BW Process Chain Analysis

Step 1: Execute Trnx: St13 and select the program: BW-TOOLS and execute

Step 2: This program provides range of options to perform various BW analysis, for our example select option: "Process Chain Analysis" and execute

Step 3: Next window provides option to analyze complete chain or particular process types in the system for specific time range as displayed in respective images:


Step 4: Enter the name of chain if you need to analyze particular chain else leave it blank and execute

Step 5: This will display a tabular view of the chains those were running/completed/aborted in the system during the mentioned time frame

Step 6: The tabular view provides two views of data as following:

               i) Tree View: This view is displayed when you select the column: "Log Id" of chain and displays the tree shaped view of the progress of chain.

              ii) Hierarchy View: This is more analytical view providing the information of runtime of each step in process chain,displayed by selecting column "Chain"

This transaction provides lots of useful utilities this would highly recommend to use and explore further options based on your need.

Hope it helps !!

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