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This blog is continuation of my previous work BW on HANA - Pre Migration ACTIVITY .

Many of us , who have been involved in OS/DB migration project [including migration of BW system from XXX (non hana db) to YYY(non hana db)] would be

already aware of the post migration activities . So the 1st question , for first timers (BW on HANA) , that comes to your mind is - "how different is this migration

from the one that i have been doing".In terms of post migration activity , yes you would be doing most of the activities that you were doing in your

previous  project. In addition to that , you will have to take extra care of :-

1. converting the standard Info Cubes and Data stores Objects(Not required as of BW 7.4 and should reconvert all the HANA to Standard DSO )

2. No JAVA support (7.3X) on HANA DB ,so configure you JAVA stack ( only if you had dual stack BW before migration) .From NetWeaver 7.40 onwards

you can install BI-JAVA as separate Instance also in HANA.

3. Be aware that now you do not Need BWA or other such accelerators .

4.Validate the activities at HANA studio and in BW (DBA cockpit).

5. Delta handling

other than this (you are invited to add points , if i had missed something ) , at planning level ,i feel you will do the same activity that you have done earlier .

so , we can  follow the below task list :-

put check on the batch jobsRun BTCTRNS1
Activate partner profiles.check WE20 /WE21 if you maintain partner profiles and Inbound/outbound RFCs
convert  logical system Run BDLS (converts one logical system to another,which is not present in ur current machine after system copy) on BW and Source systems
restore Source System in BW restore it with standards method
Reset Prog. for ODS and DTPrun RSSGPCLA
Consistency Check

Run Report RSUPGRCHECK  to checks the consistency of generated DDIC objects for BI metadata like

InfoObjects, InfoCubes and transfer rules. it helps to  determine whether the DDIC tables required for a BI

meta object are active.

check correctness of tables run RSDU_TABLE_CONSISTENCY to check correctness of tables in row/column store ** check SAP Note for latest info on the same.
Adjust DB specific DDIC entries

Execute RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION choose HANA specific options :-

*chose the variant "SAP&POSTMGRHDB"

once done with it , validate that you see these in HANA studio and DBA cockpit -

a. Calculation view for all DSOs and Infocubes( for existing ones).

**When you activate - CALC views get created for the newly created DSO and InfoCube.


Migrating BW on HANA does not chnages DSOs/InfoCubes  into HANA optimized.

Only infocube of type standard can be converted to SAP HANA -optimized infocube.


After migration standard infocubes can be found in the SAP HANA database column store..

Similar for DSOs.

during conversion be reminded to choose :-

a. choose without change log - if you no longer need the data saved in the change log. After migration , no rollback or a delta upgrade old request would be possible.

b Reconstruct change log - it has more run time  but if the data has been archieved from the DSO only request that affect the archieve area can be restored .

Remarks :-

i.Standard DSOs are converted to SAP HANA Optimized DSOs only if the DSO is not a part of hybrid provider or a semantically -partitioned objects(SPO).

ii.If You are doing delta handling then you should choose keep the change log.

JAVA Stack (** dual stack system moving to HANADB)

a. goto config tool --> UME and manage it .

b. cross check the beckend parameters like - BACKEND_CLIENT,BACKEND_SID,J2EE_ADMIN,J2EE_SID etc

c.go to  NWA--> Select function BW-Java Configuration

Delta Handling

Load the latest delta queues to BW -->activate the Info Providers--> Stop all the process chains-->  Migrate BW

on HANA --> convert the DSO's and Cubes to In memory(if not done  above)--> Restart the Process chains.

SAP Notes to refer SAP note - 1659383 ; 1695778 , 1846493,1949273

do help me to make this checklist better , please give you inputs .

Happy migration :smile:

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