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Below is a step by step information to create a model based on BW Datasource with a live connection....


To create a model navigate to the Modeler option on the left hand side navigation pane.


Once in the navigation pane, you will see various options to create new model, choose the ‘Live Data Model’ option to create a model based on Live Connection

Modeler Window


Once the above option of ‘Live Data Model’ is created, immediately a window will pop-up asking for details of the Live Connection.


  • Choose the System, that you want to connect to, to fetch the Live Data. All the available System for your environment will be visible in the System Type dropdown box


If the Connections are created, all the available connections will be visible in the ‘Connection’ drop down box seen in below window,


  • Once the required Connection is chosen, all the available data sources or queries available under that connection will be visible in the dropdown box. Choose the required query from the list

System Connection and Data Source Details


If not already logged in to the system, a credentials window is displayed, which will ask for credentials for the connection you are trying to connect…The connection window will display the name of connection for information.


Connection Credentials


After you have successfully logged in and selected the query, the query details will be displayed in a window,

On the new Window that opens up, various options are available for you to explore

Window displaying query details


  • Preferences, menu option will allow you to set General model settings like description, in addition to displaying, the Model & System details like Type, Name, Query name etc



  • If you want to translate the model, the translation option too will be presented here

  • Along with toggle options to enable the Data Access and Performance Optimization models


For existing models, an option is available to change the source of the data. If you wish to opt for this option, you are warned with a warning pop-up informing – tht if the index are available and being used in the model, the index will be deleted on change in source

Index Deletion warning prior to Source Change


Other features in the modelling window, allow you to define the version information that will be used in the model. 

Version Information

 The Dimensions menu, displays for your all the dimensions available in the query (except variables).



You also have option to manipulate or change the Dimension Description – if the query provided descriptions are not business friendly. The description field is editable and can be changed, and the same description will then reflect in the story

Editable descriptions for dimensions

In addition to description, the window also allows you to group the related dimensions by defining a group…the so created group is then displayed on the right for you to visualize the result of grouping.

Ability to group dimensions for better visualization

Similarly, the Measures menu, displays all the Measures / keyfigures available in the model, except the variables. The descriptions for measures are non-editable, however you can change the number of decimal places you want to see


Model measures with editable decimals field

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