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Hi Techies,

I got a chance to summarize the monitoring and housekeeping activities performed by businessobjects Administrators and am sharing the same here.Below activities needs to be performed at regular intervals as specified below to keep the BusinessObjects platform optimum, error free and stable.


      · Monitoring BO servers running with optimal performance

· Monitoring all the related CMS, Audit and Reporting Database services

· Verifying Web applications (CMC, Infoview, Custom Applications) availability

· Monitoring day to day scheduled report jobs  from  Instance Manager

· Supporting issues for Business users

· Monitoring the size of the below Business objects Installation Folders

o   Logging

o   Data

o   FileStore

· Managing BusinessObjects backup preferably Cold backup during off business hours.

Backup Type

Backup Contents


Full Content backup

Central Management Server (CMS) System Tables

Used for Full Content recovery

Auditing Tables

File Repository Server (FRS)

Local audit log files

Custom SDK applications/code

Database Connections (ODBC DSNs)

Any Application/Server specific configuration document

BIAR Backup

.BIAR Backup

Used for selective content recovery


1. Scan / Repair and Compact all repository errors

2. Delete the contents under the Local host folder in order to clear Tomcat Cache

3. Delete contents under the Data Folder in order to clear Web Intelligence Cache

4. Delete contents under the Logging Folder to clear log files generated

5. Delete empty folders within File Store Using RDT (Repository Diagnostic Tool)


1. Testing the availability of all Universe connections to respective Databases

2. Regular BO repository Maintenance like Cleaning Orphaned Connection/Universe/Documents

3. Running Integrity Checks on Universes to ensure parsing (Syntax/Semantic Checking)

4. Discuss performance issues with DBA identified from auditing reports


1. Monitoring BO Licenses and managing license from named to Concurrent and Vice versa (If applicable).

2. Restart Web Application Server

3. Restart Server Intelligent Agent (SIA)

Feel free to add some more valid points if any, so that everyone will get benefit out of it.

Thanks for Reading!

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