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For reference see SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Edition for Office 2.0 is now in Ramp-up

Also see BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.0 - Ramp-up, Observations Part 2

Save Query

You can now save a query view from the context menu; this saves the navigational state of your workbook.

Here is a recording to show more details along with the Smart Copy feature:

Smart Copy

Next, there are new features for Smart Copy and paste.  Of course you could do this in 1.4 Analysis Office with Design Studio - Analysis Office to Design Studio - Comparing Export Options using Learning Hub

Now you can use Smart Copy between workbooks and to Analysis for PowerPoint.  Also notice below that Smart Copy has been added to the Ribbon:

Here is a recording to see the steps:

More to come.  We will learn more at BI 2015 next year, and I am looking forward to it.

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