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I logged on the SAP Software Distribution Center this morning and noticed the software for 2.2 is available:

It is a quick installation/update.

I will review some of the new features below:

New Excel Formulas

Above I inserted a new row, and am calculating the actual expenses of a an item divided by budget

When you refresh the workbook, the Excel formula stays.

I can also create text cell for this new Excel formula, shown above as "New Calc" - again, it stays with the workbook when you refresh

I can also insert a new formula in a new column, and add the text to the column (shown above as "Share")

You can use Excel's AutoComplete to copy the formulas

New Search By Data Source

When you are looking for a data source you can now search for it by InfoProvider, Query and Query View

Remove Data Before Saving

If your workbook contains confidential data, you can select the "Remove Data before Saving" option.  Then when you save the workbook to the BI Platform and you open it again, you will see this:

After refreshing, the data is back (assuming you have access)

There are more features, if I have time I will review later.  I couldn't locate the updated help, and the release notes haven't been released yet.

If you are interested in influencing SAP for this product and are an ASUG member, please join ASUG in January for the relaunch of the Analysis Office Influence Council - register here

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