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Dear All,

As part of regular BusinessObjects Administration activities, we always tend to use Security rights validation for set of users/User groups on periodic basis. Security Query is one of the out of box functionality which enables you to get the list of rights associated with the particular principal on top of a specific BI content. Let us see how security query works.

Security Query menu in CMC

Security Query creation


Security Query wizard


There are 3 different entries that need to be filled for Security query execution.

    1. Query principal -> The User/Usergroup

   2. Query permission (Optional) – Set of specific rights/all in the list


     Set of rights

   3. Query Context – Folder on which rights need to be investigated.

The Final Security query will be


Click on OK and the generated security Query results. Selected BI content with in your Query context will be shown as below


If required you can always export your query results in a flat file and perform your validations

Security Query execution history

Exporting Security query to .csv format

Finally the exported Security query results in a flat file.


Hope the blog is interesting!! Thanks for reading. In my next blog am going to talk about Relationship Queries. Stay tuned.

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