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In our previous blogs we have analyzed various components required for Designing security model such as List of available rights, possible user categories and finally the Security models. Before taking deep dive in to each model we need to organize BusinessObjects content at below levels

  • Reporting folders

  • Universe folders

  • User hierarchy

 You can have a look at below articles to know more about organizing contents (Content Management Plan)

BusinessObjects Administration - Content Management Procedure

BusinessObjects Administration - Content Management Plan

And the next step would be identifying required rights for each user category. You should make use of Custom Access Levels for each user category.  Refer my external blog here to understand about Custom access levels

Based on the requirement create list of rights necessary for each user category.  Consolidated list of all the rights and a custom access level grouping for admin group is depicted below.

BI 4.x Master rights

Delegated Administrators Access level

I also attached prototype of the document with this blog.  Since .xls doesn't supported, I have exported it to .txt format . Make use of it if you want to utilize it to your requirement. Thanks for reading once again.

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