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Continuing with my blog on Security Query BusinessObjects Administration - The less known Security Query and Relationship Query , here is the one for Relationship Queries. Similar to Security queries, Relationship queries can be viewed in Query Results menu of the CMC,however you cannot create Relationship queries there. Relationship queries will be always created from the BusinessObjects logical path (actual Folder path of the object) and the relationship query will  be generated in Query results menu.

In this blog, I am going to generate relationship query for the following type of objects.

  • Report (WebI)
  • Universe
  • Connection
  • User

1. Report Objects Relationship query

2. Universe Relationship query

3. Connection Relationship query

4. User Relationship query


Points to Consider

  • You can only execute relationship queries for Relational connection Objects
  • Relationship queries are Session specific and you cannot be preserve it for next login.
  • For user centric relationship queries inherited access levels will not be identified.

Hope this could help you guys to perform Impact/Lineage analysis for the required objects in the repository. Thanks for reading!

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