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This blogs is about how to fix login issue in Central Management Console (CMC) in BusinessObject system when Database is running on Oracle.

The Central Management Console (CMC) is a web-based tool that you use to perform administrative tasks (including user, content, and server management) and to configure security settings.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence is a centralized suite for data reporting, visualization, and sharing. As the on-premise BI layer for SAP's Business Technology Platform, it transforms data into useful insights, available anytime, anywhere.

There are multiple reasons for this kind of error, i am listing few and providing fix.


1- Oracle environmental variable is not set.
2-CMS DB password Expiration.
3-CMS DB Transaction Log Full or CMS DB size exceeds setting.


Resolution-1: When Database is Oracle and its environmental variables are not set.

Account information not recognized: Could not reach CMS “hostname: port number”. The CMS on machine 'hostname' was stopped due to a critical error. (FWM 20031)

1- Stop bobj application (server and tomcat) from os level (if using multiple nodes, stop all nodes).

2- set oracle environmental variables on each node first and then start each node one by one.
(NOTE: do not exit from current session on putty, perform all actions (stopping application, setting env variable and starting application) from same putty session).

Step 2-
1- login to putty as:  sudo su - <SID>adm (place - before <SID>adm)
2- stop bobj application (servers and tomcat)
3- start bobj application.

login to CMC console and check all the services, it should be green and running.


Resolution- 2 - CMS DB password Expiration.

1. Login to the server and access the Central Configuration Manager (CCM).


2. Right-click on the SIA and select Properties->Configuration-> and click on the CMS DB specify option. If you get the similar CMS DB error again, the CMS DB is not responding due to the expiration of CMS password.


3. Change the CMS DB password via the appropriate database management tools (i.e. SQL Management Studio).


4. On the server, navigate to Control panel->Data sources(ODBC) and change the DSN configuration for CMS DB with the new password.


5. Back in the CCM window, stop the SIA process if it is running and navigate to SIA->Properties->Configuration-> MS System DB Configuration, click on the specify option and repoint the CMS DB DSN.


6. Restart the SIA process via the CCM and attempt to login to the CMC or BI Launchpad

Resolution 3 - CMS DB Transaction Log Full or CMS DB size exceeds setting.

1. Via the CCM, stop the SIA process.


2. Either clear the CMS DB Transaction log or increase the space allocated to the Transaction log


3. Change the CMS DB settings to auto increment the DB size and also increase the drive space available for the CMS DB


4. Restart the SIA process via the CCM

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