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With the Business process Readyness Dashboard, SAP has developed an elegant reporting option to display the status of requirements, work packages and work items graphically and as a list. This helps enormously to monitor the status of SAP implementation projects.

The visual design is very reminiscent of the SAP Readyness Check, which appealed to me very positively.


The question that needs to be answered

The question that arises in every project is: "Which business processes have already been implemented or what is the current stage of completion?".

Answering the question

The above question can be answered with the help of the Readyness Dashboard business process. As always in Focused Build, reporting is based on numbers, data and facts from the system or target system and not simply by setting a status value that is stored for each business process, such as "In design", "In progress", "Realized". ». Focused Build goes a decisive step further here and represents the complete Requirements to Deploy chain. This in turn brings full transparency to the project and helps the project manager or a business engineer to get a clear overview of the degree of completion at any time.

The solution, the branch and the desired scope are selected. With the scope in particular, individual business areas, processes and functions can be grouped and displayed, for example for a 1.0 release

The result shows the status of the requirements and the associated work packages and work items. The status of the respective documentation is also output.

With a click in the diagram or by selecting the associated icon, you can filter all elements by status and refresh the list again by clicking on Start.

The result can also be exported to an Excel format.

The names of the individual business processes are also visible here and there are additional filter options.

A possible optimization would be if the processes could also be selected and filtered in the Readyness Dashboard business process.


With the business process Readyness Dashboard, SAP has developed another and, above all, very simple way to have transparency about the degree of completion of processes, functions and their elements at all times. From my own experience and application in practice, I can recommend this option in particular to all project managers who would like to rely on figures, data and facts when you monitor the progress of the implemented processes.
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