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As per the latest upgrade guide, solution manager upgrade from 7.0 to SM 7.1 will not make any impact on already existed Business process monitoring Setup. We recently completed one upgrade, where 150 + processes are monitored under various scenarios in Business process monitoring. Taken the note from upgrade guide we just deactivated all the BPMon Solution before the upgrade and activated all the solution again after the upgrade, No wonder! My BPMon monitoring works as expected. But there is the important change introduced by SAP on BPMon Reporting and alerting Part, which we didn't realise first, later explored, implemented and successfully released to productive.

Through this blog, I would like to share our experience on setup and also technical perception of changes in BPMon trend analysis reporting in SM 7.1.

BPMon Set Up in Solman_Setup

In solman_setup, we could see that the new guided self service for bpmon setup. Earlier we thought it was optional and moreover as per the setup guide, these steps are exclusively for new business process configuration. Since we have already existed BPmon setup and our BPMon is worked perfectly, We ignored this step. Except trend analysis reporting, all the other our configuration and alerting worked without activating Bpmon config in Solman_Setup. During trouble shooting we found that, Step1 in BPMOn guided self service is required for all the scenario. Whether you have already running BPMon or not, you must finish the step1,  This step has pre requisites for BPMon reporting too.


Bpmon Data collection Users

In Basic system setup, we have steps exclusively for BPMon user for data collection, there are additional roles updated to support new trend analysis reporting.


Business Process Operation Workcenter

In 7.0, under DSWP, business process operation, we could see the link for setup Business process monitoring, this is obsolete now. We had to use Business process operation workcenter to get the BPMon setup, rest of the configuration is similar to the old setup. As similar to 7.0 Ehp1, transfer of collected data to BW activated by check mark  “Keep data for BW”. In SM 7.1, you can get the setup in Solman_workcenter -> Business process operation workcenter -> Left Panel -> Setup Business process monitoring -> Select the solution -> Cross functions -> Alert Parameter sets.


Technical Change in Trend Analysis

  • All the technical changes executed to the system automatically by solman_setup -> business process monitoring -> Step 1 Configure Solution manager -> Step 1.1 Configure automatically ->  Load Aleat data to BW cube.

  • In 7.0 ehp1 we have scheduled couple of process chains ( Initial and Delta) to accomplish the regular load of data to bw. But in 7.1, no more Process chains. Old process chains removed automatically, if not can be deleted manually too.


  • No more solution specific RDSWP_BI_BPM_EXTRACT jobs for data extraction. Data collection taken care by predefined extractors in Extraction framework.

  • Already scheduled job deleted and the corresponding extractors activated automatically by solman_Setup.


  • 0SM_BPM is now changed as real time infocube, ( target infocube for  which allows the the extractor to load the data to BW, ( as we done for IT Performance reporting in early 7.0 ehp1)

  • New web template 0SM_BPM_WT0001N introduced with new assigned queries. In new template, more specific filter option and the variant options available than the old 0SM_BPM_WT0001.


Changes in the Housekeeping activities

As you know in 7.0 Ehp1, we have the report E2E_HK_CONTROLLER , which taken care the house keeping activities of 0SM_BPM, but in 7.1, we have some other functionalities like business process analytics, which taken care by infocube 0SM_BPMRH. Hence E2E_HK_Controller needs to be enhanced by some more manual housekeeping activities. Detail steps mentioned in the SAP Note  Note 1514022 - BPMon Analytics - BW Housekeeping for InfoCube

Other detailed Troubleshooting documents

No one escapes from the initial errors in BPMon reporting setup, During our configuration, we were not able to load the data to BW. Later it is resolved by OSS. But most of the troubleshooting steps, known errors and solutions available in the latest released guide for BPMon SetUp.

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