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High Level Steps for Configuring BusinessObjects Mobile Server in DMZ End To End

1. Install BusinessObjects on Application Server hosted inside your organization LAN.
2. Assign start up port for services like CMS, APS, Web Intelligence Processing Server, IFRS, OFRS (If your APS is split, include all APS containing Auditing services)
3. Get ports open between Mobile Server and App Server from your Network Team (Include tomcat port along with above mentioned ports)
4. Install BusinessObjects Mobile which includes Tomcat, Java Web Apps, CMS Plugins on Mobile Server hosted in DMZ LAN facing the internet.
5. Configure SSL on Tomcat of Mobile Server. Configure tomcat on port 443.
6. Generate keystore file, CSR file using keytool. Send it to your organizations certificate authority and get certificate.

7. Import the certificate to tomcat. Restart tomcat.

8. Access https://mobileserverhostname

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