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Business Objects 4.0 SP2 UNV to UNX Conversion Join Issue:

After Converting the Universe from UNV to UNX:

a)     1) The Inner Join will become Left/Right Join.

E.g. Join between the V_DWH_GEOGR_ORG_HIER_TER_DIM and V_DWH_GEOGR_ORG_DIM is Inner Join in the UNV format. After Conversion to UNX Format this Join will become Left Outer Join. See the Screen shot after conversion to UNX.

Strange thing is that if you open the UNX Universe and see if there is any Left Outer Join created, you will see that there is no Left Outer Join in the Universe; still it is coming as Left Outer Join in the Report! See the below Screenshot.

b)    2) There will not be any Left or Right join in the Universe.


If we compare the UNV and UNX Universe, all Left or Right Outer Join which is in UNV Universe will become Inner Join in the UNX Universe.

Business Objects 4.0 SP2 UNV to UNX Conversion Join Solution:

After Converting the Universe from UNV to UNX:


Step 1:

Go to Data Foundation Layer of UNX Universe and you will find List of all the joins in the Universe. Double Click each of these joins to edit them and just Click “Ok” without changing anything. This will make all these joins back to Inner Join.

E.g. After Applying the Fix mentioned above the join between V_DWH_GEOGR_ORG_HIER_TER_DIM and V_DWH_GEOGR_ORG_DIM will become Inner Join in the Report. See the below Screenshot.

Step 2:

Compare the UNV Universe with UNX Universe and Fix all the Left/Right Outer Join. In UNX format there will not be any outer Join.

We need to look at the UNV and implement the same in UNX by ticking the same table as in UNV. As there will be very less number of Left/Right Outer Joins it will be less time consuming task.

Once these two steps are completed all the Join Issues will be Resolved.

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