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Business Objects 4.0 Contexts – Information Design Tool

In BO 4.0 Information Design Tool, while setting Context we need to be very careful.

1)      All Joins should be Either Included or Excluded from the Each Context.

2)      You should not have any joins with Neutral Context to avoid any loops.

In Universe Design Tool, Joins will be included in a context if that join is part of that context.

But in Information Design Tool joins will be Included, Excluded or Neutral state in each and every context.

All newly created joins are added to each and every context in Information Design Tool and will be Neutral State. Developer should open each and every context and make the joins either Included or Excluded or Neutral. If the developer doesn’t do this then it may result into loop.

You can do this by double clicking the Context and then all the joins of that context will be listed. Neutral, Included and Excluded context will be in a different color to identify them clearly. See the Screenshot : "Neutral Join"

To Change Join State, First click on the Join Expression header to sort it. Then Double Click on the “Neutral” State. “Neutral” State will be changed to “Included”. See the Screenshot : "Included Join"

If you double Click Again then it will turn to “Excluded”. See the Screenshot : "Excluded Join"

In this way we need to change each and every context by Double Clicking it.

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