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There are Some important points which i need to share with all of you before going for BOBJ Upgrade 4.1 .

We need to backup following

  1. CMS DB back up & Auditing DB Backup.
  2. I/O FRS Backup
  3. Windows C & D drive complete backup.
  4. Tomcat configuration (Java Tab options) backup.
  5. All the custom file back as per your project (Like SSO web.xml, Authentication file like Krb5.ini bsconfig file, etc)
  6. Reporting DB connection backup like (System DSN, JDBC, native client info backup).

Once the all the above backups are in place, then we can run the upgrade setup.

While upgrade installation we would need below details.

  • CMS Enterprise User ID & PWD.
  • CMS DB info along with PWD.
  • I/O FRS location (Path) you can get it from I/O Server properties from CMC before you start.
  • Domain Account User ID & PWD.
  • Auditing DB Info.
  • License key.

After installation post activity

  • Re-start of Server
  • Run the SIA with Domain Account
  • Check the version upgrade details in CMC, Control Panel (Add&Remove Programs)
  • Check the basic BO functionality. By running the default Sample reports.
  • Turn Off the Fire wall on the Server.
  • Revert the custom changes as per your project.
  • Configure SSO & Authentication if any.
  • Perform the test plan of your own.

Please provide your Feedback on this .



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