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Hello All

These days, we have seen many blogs explaining in & arounds of SAP Business Application Studio (BAS). I blogged out few experiences I came across while using BAS & Launchpad Services.

Below are the ways in getting the templates for applications creation in BAS.

  1. View > Find Command > SAP Business Application Studio: Create Project from Template

  2. View > Find Command > Yeoman UI Generators

     3.Help > Welcome

I have created an SAPUI5 application using SAP Fiori Freestyle Project template.

To run the application, goto Run Configurations from left pane.

Click on + icon and choose the application we wish to run. Follow the below steps based on our requirements.

Create a new service instance

Select CF space

If we have multiple applications exposed, there is an option available to unexpose the active ports


Build & Deploy mta.yaml file. Replace the instance with subaccount

We should be able to view below details after deployment in CF.

To configure our application in Launchpad service, use below object in manifest.json under

We can set the "hideLauncher": true for SAP Fiori Launchpad plugins

Build and Deploy again. Now open launchpad service. My application is available in the content manager.

Title > appTitle in manifest.json

Description > appDescription in manifest.json

ID > Combination of HTMLModuleName and Namespace provided during creation of application

Finally configure Group, Catalog & Role. Go to site.

Please do comment if any.

Thank you!!
BR// Dhanasupriya Sidagam
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