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Yes, folks recently working for customer I was given task to train user to deploy and undeploy CPI artifacts, and all they were interested in undeploying all the artifacts for some task and then deploy all when task is done.

Consider a use case some one setting up artifacts on 2 data centers for 24*7 availability, who wants to undeploy all artifacts when there is planned downtime on one data center and deploy the artifacts in the back up data center for time being. How tedious it becomes for the users to navigate through individual artifacts and manage them.


With this thought I started wondering the ways to make it possible and hence came up with a solution with easy to handle screen.




The solution can be implemented by uploading the the simple i flow developed and take care of following 2 points

  1. Configure CPI_HOST_NAME for all receivers

  2. There are multiple receivers so configure host in all receivers




  • All the URLs use Basic authentication with CPI S-user id (role ESBMessaging.send is necessary for S-User)

  • Please create a keyStore for BASIC AUTHENTICATION with CPI S-User and Enter it in the parameter - Credential Name




  • Once the Iflow is deployed the URL to call is  http/MangeIflows



And at the end here is the artifact zip which can be uploaded and configured to be used.


Download the Artifact Here!!



Please leave your valuable feedback and as always will reach you all with next blog!!
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