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In recent days we see a lot of flexibility being built by SAP around transport movement in ChaRM. I have see Import all in earlier versions and customers demand more than what is available. Now we have selective imports, Status based imports.

Still we get requirements like can i move only 1 transport in a normal change which is having 2 Transports?

In my selective transports pop-up all the change documents are selected by default can i have them deselected ?

There are valid reasons for these requirements,

Couple of months ago we have worked on change documents (CD's) not being selected by default on selection pop-up and i would like to share my experience here. As we all know developments keep changing their delivery schedules and change in requirements at the last Minuit keep adding more transports to the queue. So the Selective screen will always run for 2 to 3 pages, deselected each change document is very painful and especially the screen behaves weird when we stat deselected CD's from the top, page keeps jumping up & down (in 7.1 SP10) so we use to deselected from bottom :smile: .

Finally we decided to break standard and have our own custom logic in place. We had a simple custom table with maintenance view from SM30 it contains only one field Project name. The list of projects maintained in this table will get a pop-up with deselected change documents.The reason for this table is simple all projects will not have huge list of transports, so lesser volume projects didn't opt for this so we brought this Z table in place.

we identified the below points to be break the standards to get desired result.


     Add the below code at the end of the program. Create implicit enhancements and add the code.

               DATA:gv_clear_checkbox(1) TYPE c.

2. Function module: /TMWFLOW/TX_POPUP_SEL_IMPORT

     Add the below code at the beginning of the FM

               CLEAR gv_clear_checkbox.


     Add the below code at the end of the program

               DATA:lv_proj_id                      TYPE tr_extpid.
ls_/tmwflow/sel_imp_disp        TYPE /tmwflow/sel_imp_disp.
SYMBOLS:<fs_/tmwflow/trordhc>  TYPE /tmwflow/trordhc.
CLEAR p_transports_600-selection.
               * Do not do anything

READ TABLE gt_trrequests_in ASSIGNING <fs_/tmwflow/trordhc> INDEX 1.
IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
CLEAR lv_proj_id.
SELECT SINGLE zproject_name
FROM ztdisab_checkbox
INTO lv_proj_id
WHERE zproject_name EQ <fs_/tmwflow/trordhc>-project_name.
IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
CLEAR p_transports_600-selection.
= 'Y'.
= 'N'.

With the above changes we achieved our goal and the result is as expected. This is working for a while for us and we have not seen any issues due to the above changes.

Now the next requirement is filter and find options in selective import screen. On exploring we found that this is available by Standard. Select the column of Description of Change document or status or CD & TR number field and right click we can see all the required options.

Hope this helps.

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